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How Do You Write Your Sensory Integration Goals?

Want to know one of the biggest bummers as an occupational therapist? Getting an insurance denial calling your sensory integration intervention “experimental.” Our profession is actively moving into an entry level doctorate, and yet we are still facing feedback that … Continue reading

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Tested in OT: Floam Fumbles

I am not immune to the fancy trends of tactile play. So yes, I absolutely had to try creating the floam slime that seems to be everywhere. Call it nostalgia for my childhood days of playing with Nickelodeon Floam and … Continue reading

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10 Realities of the OT Brushing Protocol

If you are familiar with occupational therapy in a pediatric or sensory setting, you have likely been introduced to “the brush.” But how much do you really know about this intervention tool? 1. You’re not supposed to call it “brushing.” … Continue reading

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Sensory Diets: Explained

We pediatric OTs sure love big words and jargon. Hey, you can’t blame us. We need to sound fancy every once and awhile, especially since we are typically covered in shaving cream and glitter for the majority of our work … Continue reading

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Frozen Water Beads

Oh Pinterest, what did we do before you? Inspiration. Treatment Ideas. Pretty pictures of delicious meals I’ll never, ever make… Ok, ok, back to business. If you want to take a look at past Pinterest pins I’ve tested in therapy, … Continue reading

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Can You “Cure” Sensory Processing Disorder?

Here are some of the most common questions I hear when discussing a child’s sensory processing skills with their parent: “Is he going to be OK?” “Will he make a full recovery?” “Will he eventually just grow out of it?” … Continue reading

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Pinned on Pinterest, Tested in Therapy: Test Pin #12 Water Beads

To see all Pinterest test pins, click here. Water beads: have you tried them? You probably have, seeing as though they are all the rage on Pinterest these days. This was one of those instances when I pinned a hundred … Continue reading

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