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In Appreciation of Home Health Therapists

Clinics. Hospitals. Schools. People’s homes. One of these things is most definitely not like the others. As therapists, many of us have treated in one or maybe even all of these locations. But the special ones, the ones that I … Continue reading

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Therapy Students in the Clinic: A Realistic Look

As students are finishing up their final rotations of graduate school and preparing to take their national board exams (AKA a scary, intimidating test that determines if they can actually do what they went to school for…), I thought it … Continue reading

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The OTR/COTA Relationship

When your child receives occupational therapy, their therapist could either be an Occupational Therapist (OTR) or an Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA). First, I would direct you to review my post: “A Who’s Who of Occupational Therapy” so that you get … Continue reading

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When Does a Therapist Have the “Right” Amount of Experience?

Therapist #1: An occupational therapist (OTR) with 3 months of experience and a master’s degree. Therapist #2:  An occupational therapy assistant (COTA) with 4 years of experience and an associate’s degree. Who do you want working with your child? (Remember, … Continue reading

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A “Who’s Who” of Occupational Therapy

We have had a lot of observers and students in our clinic recently. Keeping in mind that I was one of those observers many years ago, I have to admit- they can be a drag. Adding one more person to an already … Continue reading

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