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How Do You Write Your Sensory Integration Goals?

Want to know one of the biggest bummers as an occupational therapist? Getting an insurance denial calling your sensory integration intervention “experimental.” Our profession is actively moving into an entry level doctorate, and yet we are still facing feedback that … Continue reading

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Accepting a “Weird” Pencil Grasp

As a pediatric OT, I most frequently receive questions about pencil grasps. In fact, I wrote an entire article about When to “Fix” a Pencil Grasp. However, we also need to talk about those children (or even adults) that aren’t … Continue reading

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Remember These 5 Things When Buying a Gift for a Child with Special Needs

In this season of gift giving, you’ll find many wonderful resources floating around the internet that provide gift ideas for children. However, amongst all of this information, I wanted to offer a different perspective – specifically, things to keep in … Continue reading

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Can a Child be “Too Old” For Therapy?

Is it too late? Is it possible to make any progress at this point? Can things still get better? We hear these questions quite a bit in pediatric therapy. Parents are often shocked to hear that we work with children … Continue reading

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Development of Visual Perceptual Skills: Visual Spatial Relations

Visual spatial relations have a strong impact on a child’s academic skills. As mentioned in my previous post about Visual Perceptual Skills: Real Life Applications, this particular skill has to do with understanding the relationships of objects within the environment. … Continue reading

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Tested in OT: Floam Fumbles

I am not immune to the fancy trends of tactile play. So yes, I absolutely had to try creating the floam slime that seems to be everywhere. Call it nostalgia for my childhood days of playing with Nickelodeon Floam and … Continue reading

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What to Know About Scheduling Pediatric Therapy

It’s fair to say there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to scheduling and maintaining productivity in a pediatric therapy clinic. In the name of transparency, let’s discuss a few things that both families and therapists … Continue reading

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