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To the Therapist That Comes After Me

Most of us pediatric therapists work with children that have profound, life-long challenges. Sure, we have those patients that come in for a few months, make great progress, and get discharged – never to be seen again. But those are … Continue reading

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Is Handwriting Dead?

I sat across from a set of parents at an IEP meeting. Nice people- no horror stories of anger, frustration, or possible litigation. Just an average conversation about a child I recently began working with in a school setting. My responsibility … Continue reading

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Is Occupational Therapy Really a “Top Job of 2014”? recently came out with its top jobs of 2014. (See the article here.) This year “occupational therapist” is ranked #9. So, we’re awesome, right? Hey, it’s hard not to pat yourself on the back for your career choice when … Continue reading

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What’s a “Co-treat” All About?

It’s a habit we are all guilty of as therapists. We throw around these words that parents don’t always understand, and then barely have the time to accurately explain ourselves. A disconnect can emerge in this process, with opportunities missed … Continue reading

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How “Evidence-Based” is Your Therapy?

Therapy lives, breathes, and dies by one simple phrase: “evidence based practice.” Those three words encompass all therapeutic disciplines, from pediatrics to geriatrics. In the simplest of terms, it means that the decisions we make as clinicians must be founded … Continue reading

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The OTR/COTA Relationship

When your child receives occupational therapy, their therapist could either be an Occupational Therapist (OTR) or an Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA). First, I would direct you to review my post: “A Who’s Who of Occupational Therapy” so that you get … Continue reading

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Tested in Therapy: Ergonomic Stylus Review

Let’s face it- tablets, iPads, smart phones… they are pretty much everywhere these days, even in the therapy world. While these gadgets are obviously the new normal, it is very important to remember the importance of good ol’ fashioned fine … Continue reading

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