Pinned on Pinterest, Tested in Therapy: Test Pin #11 Baggie Puzzles

Therapy Tested Zip Lock Bags for Puzzle Pieces

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Pinned and tested? Strike that, reverse it.

I’ve been elbow deep in toilet wax, slashed my way through pool noodles, and found myself lost amongst the endless aisles of confusion that make up the hardware store – all in the name of crafting for OT.

This time I figured I’d share a super simple treatment idea that I know works in the clinic, and just might be worthy of sharing with the Pinterest world. It is the kind of treatment idea I can get behind: something I can put together in about 2 seconds that actually works.


Grab a non-interlocking puzzle and place the pieces in resealable baggies.
Got it? Alrighty then – you’re done.

This simple modification gets you more bang for your therapy buck. You can work on the visual-perceptual skill of completing a puzzle, while also working on the fine motor strengthening task of opening the bags to get each piece out.

You could also do this with any other game or activity that involved manipulatives. Each bag opened promotes a lateral pinch, or perhaps a more precise thumb to finger tip opposition. The motivation is high so you can get several trials in a row, which is key for strength development.

This sort of practice is great for developing the motor skills necessary for many self-care tasks: think of pulling socks open to put them on your feet or opening packages for lunch.

Short, sweet, and easy. My kind of Monday.

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2 Responses to Pinned on Pinterest, Tested in Therapy: Test Pin #11 Baggie Puzzles

  1. Loretta says:

    I have also had a co-worker PT (who can sew and I cannot – how sad am I?!?!) sew bags with a variety of buttons on them for me. I would put a toy/activity in the bag. The student has to unbutton the bag to see what is in it… and then put it away, button it back up again… SWEET! She had fun material and a variety of sizes for buttons as well!


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